I am passionate about helping women who are yearning for a deeper connection with the authentic self and guidance on how to be of service to their community and the planet. I teach women how to access their unique medicine so that they can do what they love while offering their gifts to the world. Over 30 years of working with women as an alternative health professional and life transformation guide, I've learned a lot about using my innate ability to know and see the truth, connect the dots and teach others how to live into their magnificence. 

I will guide you towards a deeper knowing about who you truly are – to reconnecting with your true self while also learning how to access guidance from your helping spirits. Our work will identify and release core limiting beliefs, inspire excitement and creativity, develop resilience, and connect you with your life calling.  Through my own life journey of listening to my inner guidance and visioning the future and then using that navigation to make important life decisions, I can help you to move from feeling stuck, doubtful and overwhelmed to having confidence, clarity and purpose. If I can learn how to trust and living according to my unique gifts, so can you!

My mission in life to work in collaboration and facilitate the well being of all beings on the planet. My gift is about seeing into the heart of my clients and empowering them to get in touch with their unique gifts so that they can activate their potential for self-love and the manifestation of their dreams.  We are navigating modern challenges and it’s time to work together and with the guidance of helping spirits. Now more than ever, we need the confidence that we can work for the higher good.

We must learn how to stay centered and balanced and to stay focused on our personal and collective work that is so needed right now.

I want you to feel empowered.

I believe in you.

My coaching programs offer a highly unique blend of:

  • Life transformation

  • Tracking original medicine

  • Identify and release core limiting beliefs

  • Neuroplasticity

  • Accessing guidance from the invisible realms

  • Strategic planning of your life calling

Just like there is no one in the world with your unique array of gifts, talents and experiences, there is no other guide who combines the unique blend of my experience as a coach, herbalist, author, shamanic practitioner, and teacher with my innate intuition, ability to see and know what a client is experiencing, and my deep compassion, strength, clarity, and presence.


Tricia Acheatel has been supporting women in their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth for over 30 years. She teaches women how to access their inner wisdom, and stay focused on their personal and collective work. Her unique approach blends inner work with shamanic practices that teach women how to find the confidence to manifest their dreams and do their work in the world that is so needed right now. From her combined experience as a medical herbalist, life transformation mentor, author, shamanic practitioner, and teacher Tricia brings love, wisdom, intuition, compassion, and clarity to her work.  

“Tricia has a gift of seeing and knowing that reaches into your heart and shows you to experience your true magnificence.  Working with her felt like someone could see the most beautiful parts of me, which she then articulately reflected back. Incredibly powerful experience!”

Praise From Clients

Tricia was absolutely a game-changer for my business. I came to her exhausted and overwhelmed feeling like I was responsible for every moving piece and part of my company. Through her guidance and wisdom I was able to create a self-managed company with clear systems and processes that is thriving! My leadership team does the heavy lifting and I’ve had more days off since working with her than I’ve had in the past decade of my career! I would highly recommend Tricia to anyone looking for a little less overwhelm and a lot more success!
— Cynthia G., Los Angeles, CA
I noodled on where we’ve been over the last two years. Can you believe it’s been that long?! And, wow!! What a journey I’ve had with you. It’s astounding to reflect on how much I’ve grown and how incredible I feel. You, my friend, have been at the core of my transformation — you have been instrumental in my shift to living this ridiculously joy-filled life, while diving into my life’s work with such courage, authenticity and trust that MyndJive is my purpose….my ultimate path. With all of the hugs and love, and deep gratitude for allllll of your unwavering love and support!
— Tiffaney F., Chicago, IL
I have learned so much from you and am so grateful for your guidance in getting our studios on an upward spiral!! Thank you for seeing our potential, believing in us, and helping us clarify our vision and purpose. Thank you for providing us support and lighting our path towards fulfilling our vision. With Gratitude.
— Nicole D., Phoenix, AZ
I highly recommend Tricia as a business and life coach/mentor. She has a unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business issues and takes you along the journey. Tricia will push you out of your comfort zone but just far enough not to push you over the edge. She will provide tools and advice that will give you clarity and direction.

Along the way, I have personally developed and Tricia’s mentoring continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. Tricia did not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered in a different way, and proved to be right one hundred percent of the time with her observations, opinions, and suggestions.

Tricia has been extremely helpful and her contributions are reflected in the success that I enjoy as a business professional today.
— Silmara S., New Zealand
I would never be where I am today without Tricia’s help. What we accomplished in 6 sessions is a testament to her expertise and many years of working with clients in similar situations. For the first time in my life, I really felt like a had someone in my corner, lovingly prodding me to move past my comfort zone. She became a calming presence in my life and I looked forward to our calls. When people tell me they need a coach, I give them Tricia’s number.
— Melissa H., Chicago, IL
You hear and see who I truly am with a multi-dimensional perception. You explain so clearly to me what you see going on. You have brought hope and excitement back into my life! With gratitude.
— Sarah C., Santa Barbara, CA
Tricia is so uplifting to speak with - it’s like she spreads fairy dust in every direction with her loving energy.
— Barbara J., Ashland, OR
My confidence as a small business owner has grown exponentially. Coming into this experience, I lacked direction, focus and knowledge on how to grow my business. My work with Tricia has been priceless not only for my business, but for me personally. She has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I have and will continue to recommend her services to anyone in need of some direction.
— Melissa L., Chicago, IL
Your energy is like a loving embrace that soothes as well as sparks me to look deeper with self-love and wisdom.
— Kimberly C., London, England
So many wonderful qualities come to mind when I think of Tricia–compassionate, smart, kind, experienced. Working with her is a gift. She’s a gentle, yet powerful coach who listens deeply and communicates clearly. Guided by her strong intuition, she will ask intelligent, direct questions as she confidently leads you to your own truth. I love working with Tricia, so much so that I recently referred a close friend to her.
— Suzanne T., San Anselmo, CA